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You may need legal information, financial help, short or long-term counseling, or other services. Victim Services can help you to decide what services, if any, you need and make a referral to the appropriate government or community agency.
Victims Compensation
If you have been the victim of a criminal act, the Victim's Compensation Plan is part of a network of services that will help you put the pieces back together. The Victim's Compensation Plan does not apply to property loss or damage. For information about eligible expenses and for application forms please contact us.
Victim Impact Statements
Victims have a right to be heard.
Completing a Victim Impact Statement is your chance to tell the judge how you feel about what happened, and how it has affected you and those around you. If you wish to prepare a Victim Impact Statement, contact Victim Services or the R.C.M.P. right away. We can assist you, answer your questions regarding your statement, and ensure that it is presented to the court if an accused person is found guilty.
Assistance With Court
If your case goes to court, Victim Services will work with the Crown Prosecutor and the police to answer your questions, help you prepare for court, accompany you to court if you wish, and ensure that you are informed about court dates and outcomes.
Victims of Domestic Violence Act
Victim Services Coordinators, as well as the police, are designated under the Victims of Domestic Violence Act to apply for Emergency Intervention Orders on behalf of the victim with the victim's consent.

Victim Services can also provide information on how to apply for Victim Assistance Orders under the Victims of Domestic Violence Act.

Coordination of Services
Victim Services provides a link between victims and the justice system and will help you obtain the services and information you need. This extends beyond the police and court level to the corrections system. Victim Services can help keep you informed about the offender's status, including release date, parole eligibility, and probation conditions.